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Protected Zones

Zoning in accordance with the Ordinance Governing the Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park and its maintenance and development plans

Protection Zone I

This zone encompasses the most important areas of the nature park, such as the upland moors in the mountain ridges of the Erzgebirge and Vogtland. Protection of the wildlife and biotopes in these areas is of the highest priority. In addition to designating and expanding the conservation areas, managing visitors with nature conservation in mind is particularly important.

Protection Zone II

This zone encompasses the areas of the nature park outside neighbourhoods that form a built ensemble. It is primarily devoted to agriculture, forestry and recreational uses. Preserving the characteristic landscape plays an important role in this zone. For this reason, the designation of further landscape conservation areas is anticipated.

Development Zone

The Development Zone includes the settled and developed parts of the landscape – the town and municipalities. It offers these municipalities space for moderate further development. Construction styles typical for the area should be used within the historically evolved settlement pattern to preserve the characteristic landscape. Within the settled areas, care should be taken to maintain protected biotopes such as mountain meadows, wet meadows, dry stone walling, patches of old-growth forest and similar features. Similarly, it is important to preserve bat habitats and nesting and breeding opportunities for birds in the Development Zone.